20 Mar, 17

Harlem and Adil,

We are excited to celebrate with you in April! Love from Zulfi and Jannette Taj

20 Mar, 17

Hareem & Adil,
We wish we could be there on your special day! Sending lots of love and wedding bliss! Cannot wait to see pictures! We will celebrate soon! ;)

17 Mar, 17

Dear Hareem and Adil,
We are so bummed that we cannot make it to your wedding in Chicago but we can't wait to celebrate with you at the walima in LA! And your pictures are the absolute best!!! The captions are hilarious. Zahir's family also has a strong donut-loving gene so I can totally relate. Come visit us in Portland while we are still here and we'll take you out to Pip's Chai and Donuts!
xoxo Claire and Zahir

14 Mar, 17

Hey Adil and Hareem,
Hareem loved the invites. They are sooo cute!! And the website!! Excited for all the fun to start.
Haju apa, Asrar uncle and Saima

13 Mar, 17

So sorry we are unable to attend the actual wedding day and events in Chicago. We really would have loved to be there. But we will see you at the reception in Los Angeles!

11 Mar, 17

بارك الله لكما وبارك عليكما وجمع بينكما في خير
(Baraka Allahu Lakuma wa Baraka alikuma, Wa jamaah baina kuma fee khair). May Allah bless for you (your spouse) and bless you and may He unite both of you in goodness. From your loving family - Abida, Wasif, Hina, Aasiyah, Yusuf.

10 Mar, 17

The captions really Khan't get better than this! This is such a delightful, gorgeous website, just like you two! Thank you for including me in the celebrations of your Khandaan! I love you guys! -Pawan aka Deedz

04 Mar, 17

This is best wedding website I've ever seen. I love the design--it's so impressive and beautiful. I can't wait for this weekend--it's going to be epic! Love you so much!!!

04 Mar, 17

I love the site! Hareem, the pictures are amazing! (I LOLed a couple times.) So excited to celebrate your khannection.

01 Mar, 17

Hi Hareem and Adil,
Nausheer, Ayaaz, Adnaan , Zainab and I just sooo happy for you both .
All the very best and IA will try being there to celebrate with you guys.
Lots of Love from all of us
Nausheer, Azzu Apa, Ayaaz, Zainab and Adnaan

01 Mar, 17

We are so excited to celebrate with you both. Please prepare for some tears from me as Jack laughs at me. We're just so happy we get to celebrate and enjoy this important part of your lives with you and your families, and we look forward to many years of fun memories to come.

28 Feb, 17

I love this website and I love you guys! Cannot wait for your official big day to get here. Cannot wait to make a lifetime of lasting memories with you two, not that we haven't already seen a trailer of this while eating chat masala fruit at my home. #Khan'tWait

28 Feb, 17

I relived our time hanging out in LA eating tacos and donuts from those photos. Love the captions -- they seriously and literally capture the day in the life exquisitely.

28 Feb, 17

Even though you say you don't like to work on wedding planning this website is super cute! I love it! We got your invitation and we are waiting for Chris's schedule to be released before we RSVP. Even if he cannot come, Zayn and I will be sure not to miss this sure to be beautiful and fun event!

24 Feb, 17

The captions for the pictures are hilarious, as is the gratuitous use of "Khan." Love you guys.

20 Feb, 17

I love your website, Hareem! Looks like I should have read through everything before I asked you my questions via Facebook! The teacher comes to class without having done the reading, ha, ha. I am so happy for you both .... and looking forward to celebrating with you these two days in April.